A new Eutopia at the Quarry and LoveQor

Profound apologies for my long absence from this forum. The wizard of Eutopia has been through a few tough trainings lately! I’m no longer living at Eutopia or the Ark, Kaiwaka, but in my sister’s barn in whangarei, one hours drive north, where my mother is now in a rest home. I’ve moved up to help family be with her there most of the day. My father had looked after her for several years until it got too much, and she needed 24 hour care. So we found a good home and she settled in nicely. Then my father cleared out the house and had a stroke and died after several days in a near-coma, during which all the family said their good byes, and he squeezed some of our hands and sometimes opened his eyes to look at us. Then with his four children around the bed he peacefully stopped breathing. Organised in life, in his death he was the same.

I had been struggling to keep going in Kaiwaka, and there seemed to be nothing happening; no visitors, no breakthroughs or good news, just the struggle and the frequent ‘hangovers’ from suspected chemical sensitivity. Then I was meditating, nearly fell asleep and heard a voice (very unusual for me!) like Gandalf’s saying ‘Get out of Orthanc‘. I thought, ‘But I’m not a Saruman!’ However, I looked into the symbolism and it made more sense. Saruman’s home was a tower of stone – the name Peter means pier or rock. His logo was a white hand; my constant temptation has been to live by the sentence my parents said to me: ‘You’re good with your hands, why not make a living making things?’ Finally, it has struck me since going north that the name ‘wizard of Eutopia’ refers to the ability to visualise and catalyse the magic of a place, to transfigure it into a Good Place, or Eutopia. Not just one place, my own creation in Kaiwaka. I had to leave to really get this. Aways, the wizard must be willing to let go of the forms of his doing in order to hold fast to, and learn better, the essence of his being.

Now I have a little studio in the Quarry Arts Centre, whangarei, and it is a Good Place, not built by me, but it might as well have been. And what I’m starting there is not only art, but philosophy, and the next big breakthrough has just come: I’ve realised that the main thing I got wrong in Eutopia, Kaiwaka, was that I neglected my own process theory, which says that the Blue zone, or Love and openness, connection, comes first, THEN Beauty. I had been trying to build Beauty without connecting with people first. So I remained virtually alone in the endeavour. For 13 years.

Now I have vowed to BEGIN here with Love. In fact, to make that the focus. So I started a website www.loveqor.com,

loveqor header with apple

and am working on the ‘logic of Love’ and its application to all of life. And today I got clear that it might as well be called a religion of love – see the LoveQor post: http://loveqor.com/2013/12/03/ok-ive-had-it-im-starting-a-new-religion-working-title-loveqor/

I hope you like it! The focus on love is strange perhaps, for a wizard, but we must follow our light where it leads. The School of Life we are all in, including the teachers! I warnly invite you to come over to loveqor.com and see what is unfolding…


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Magical Accountants, mythic lawyers, and the mythic tapestry of life

I  saw the vision of a new book – a novel on the theme of the story of names and how we co-create the actually mythic world we live and act in – the mytho-semantic drama of our human world. We are actually magical beings walking through a co-created hall of mirrors, catching glimpses of ourselves and of God, and of a multitude of other beings.
Even the magicians who are pretending to themselves that they are accountants and lawyers and there’s nothing but the material world.
I was walking in the university park, albert park, and the magnolias were in full bloom in the sun, and felt in that learning context a sort of permission to go deep – being in the intellectual’s stamping ground. And I imagined a book showing the deep, deep mythic structure of our lives. I was happy at seeing all this, looking at the sparkling blue water of the fountain, when a slim indian student walked past. On his t-shirt in big letters, were the words
i said yes yes!… and felt like running after him and asking him who he was.
So, what is your name? dig deep, and try asking this: ‘What is the covenant associated with this name? What promise, what threat, what danger what possibility is indicated? See how your life has reflected these. Then imagine yourself taking charge of it and doing the positive part and solving the stuckness of the other parts…
Then look into other hidden mythic elements in your life. for example, do you manufacture or sell gates? You may have a ‘threshold’ issue or a Samson complex (Samson in the bible carried off the gates of a philistine city).  Cars? You may be a suppressed wandering Aengus.  Etc…
Have fun, cry if necessary, laugh at the cosmic humour of it all, and remember you are a magician in the hall of mirrors, weaving together with others what we call the ‘real world’.  And look for those synchronicities. The DEEP STRUCTURE of the world includes the reality of this strange  ‘acausal’  interconnectedness. And I would add, under all is the deepest of all: the transcendental order, wherein we can see the truths of logic and of truth and of beauty and ethics.

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The Wisdom of the True West and the Wonderful Absolutes

It is the Problem of the Beginning. I have been circling the problem of how to start the School when so much else presses so practically around me. And what to begin with when I do begin…

Meanwhile today I posted this: http://wizardgifts.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/calling-all-wizards-it-is-not-too-late-to-defend-the-true-west/

It maybe should have been posted here… So, read it and comment there, perhaps? Or here.

It has made me feel the time for action has come. The School must begin. (If it is all right with the higher powers…)

This brings me to one planned module: the first module of any philosophy must really be: the problem of the beginning, and how to solve it. Short answer: we must begin where we are, and to do that we must try and understand where that may BE – and that leads us to a kind of archaeology of the mind and whole being – what makes me me – what is the history and the development that led to my present ideas, stuckness, assumptions? Charles Peirce called it ‘retroduction’ – reasoning (guessing) backwards from a present state of things to a possible cause or set of causes. When we are talking foundational beliefs, we can then ask, which of these assumptions, if any, are logically indispensable? Which ones can’t be rationally denied, can’t be  meaningfully done without? Hold onto these ‘wonderful absolutes’, and ponder this fact – there ARE foundations beyond the borders of this material world, and our minds can discern them! What like, I hear you cry. Well, one and one are… Two. Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Wow! Why then do people often say there is Nothing out there, no Truth? Probably because they want to get away from some clear moral duty – OR (I suspect) from some imagined God – angry Father – who they assume comes with any belief in eternal things. But what reason is there to assume THAT? None. So let’s fearlessly explore the wonders of everything, seen and unseen, created and uncreated, manifest and unmanifest. This is the true spirit of the West – to question everything in order to improve our lives, but hold fast to what cannot meaningfully be denied. Like reason itself. We need such a spirit in this time of great and accelerating change. And it’s no good trying to go back to an earlier time and faith based on tradition and human or religious authority. We must become the wizards of our own lives, learning from others who make sense, but trusting our ability to discern truth and goodness. As Plato said (and Robert Pirsig quoted in Zen and the Art), ‘What is good, Phaedrus, and what is not good, do we need any man to teach us these things?’

But we must work at sorting through all the layers and bricabrac of what we have inherited, religious, quasi-religious, secular-religious, imperial, colonial… To begin this journey is to declare ourselves FREE MEN – and WOMEN, of course!

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On Thresholds: Go Through!

We live and move in more than one level. On the 3D level we are always going in and out of places. Often there is a door, or gateway. Often there is a gatekeeper, or guardian.

So in the symbolic/intellectual/spiritual levels. There are gateways, thresholds into new levels or intensities of something, into the houses of learning or fellowship or creation or refuge. And often a sacrifice, or a test, before we can enter.

I’ve been working through this on both the visible, 3D level and the unseen. At the Ark I’ve been  putting in a new doorway at the back and a new round window at the front facing east. Meanwhile I’ve been struggling to make and place a new sign for the front of the Ark announcing the Wizard of Eutopia’s services.

When we put up our sign, make a declaration, we are really going over a threshold, throwing our hat over the wall, so to speak. We have to go in after it, and face our fears, and follow our destiny.

What happens if we don’t? I think the same threshold re-manifests again, maybe after years of wandering. This time the stakes are higher, we are older, even if we are wiser. Still the advice I must give is the same: be courageous and GO THROUGH! Magic and adventure and growth lie on the other side, in the unknown, not here, in the known.

I will post my own recent threshold story and musings on it at my other blog: www.wizardgifts.wordpress.com If this post speaks to you, see you over there!


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A salt water wizard

The wizard of Eutopia has not forgotten the School and the How to be a Wizard book…. He is working through some real ‘threshold issues’ right now… Great to see the light on the other side (where all the dreams may finally come true!) An interesting lady in australia has been emailing me about thresholds… More on that very soon!

Meanwhile, I really liked this guy:

The Wizardry of Fear and Courage

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Saltwater Buddha

In Zen practice, one is often taught not to try to do anything, to surrender, to just be with what is happening moment to moment, to let the present wash over you.

While researching my upcoming book, The Fear Project, a lot of people have asked me why I chose fear. I could’ve focused on love. I could’ve focused on happiness. Why choose to spend years in the darkness?

My answer never seems to come out right so I thought I would answer in a different way. This is a chapter from my memoir, Saltwater Buddha, called Wizards and Water Walking, a story about overcoming fear and its relationship to magic. It was having experiences like this one — moments that cracked me open — that led me to want to understand them scientifically.

I’ve been warned by editors that our online attention spans have grown too short to post whole book chapters. But read the first few pages of this story and I hope you’ll be hooked enough to continue. Fear and magic are enchanting spirits. If you like it, please also check out how Saltwater Buddha is being turned into a film.

Wizards and Water Walking1.

Water is full of magic. Shapeless but incompressible, it is the only substance that can exist naturally as solid, liquid, and gas inside earth’s temperature range. It’s called the “universal solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid–and yet is also harmless to drink and ultimately sustains all life. “If there is magic on this planet,” wrote naturalist Loren Eiseley, “it is contained in water.”

And the sea is rife with magical creatures. As a boy, I studied them in picture books, and often thought I could make out their shadows in the deep: ferocious rhino-like turtles the size small of islands; giant squid thrusting their redwood-sized tentacles through pirate ships; mermaids singing alluring melodies in foreign tongues….

(Go to http://www.theinertia.com/surf/saltwater-buddhathe-wizardry-of-fear-and-courage/2/ for the full chapter of the book Saltwater Buddha.)

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Robert Harris aka TheRobba, comes to the Magic Mind Lounge

Well, there has been some progress here at the fledgling Eutopian school!

First: A friend had a dream in which her recently deceased husband told her to give us his library of science and politics books, and she did!

Meanwhile, my son Robert has returned to Kaiwaka, to continue his music-making and videos – and help us make ends meet by paying for a room! He is now set up in the front room of the Hall, and the books are in the main room.

We hope to do collaborative works here, particularly on the important concept of FREEDOM. therobba’s latest album is THE FREEDOME, all about Freedom in the ‘dome’ of our own minds. See his song, Open Ya Dome:

It has had over 300,000 views, so I think it touches a nerve with the message of opening our minds and being free. The pretty girl on the front – not sure where he found her but she does apparently help too! 🙂

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The Starwood festival and an interview with Oberon Zell and Jeff Rosenbaum

This is a great interview – talking about 2012 and Oberon’s conviction that it isnt the end but a new beginning when we get a NEW calendar.  Oberon is a well-known (Neo) Pagan, who coined the word Pagan to refer to the movement he is part of.


Green Power and Wellness – Paganism and Wizardry – 07/17/12


New wizard in town

, POLYAMORY AND THE GENIUS OF THE  come to the Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show as  and  join HarveyW for an enlightening hour of prophecy and .

Does the coming end of the Mayan Calendar mean the ? or just the need to get a new calendar?

 is a leading voice in the realm of spirit: an author, speaker and leader for decades of the emerging “Neo-Pagan” community, a phrase he coined.  is a founder of Starwood Festival, whose 32d annual gathering just brought scores of leading mystical thinkers from all over the world to a reclaimed strip mine in southeastern Ohio for an unparalleled week of revelry, insight and joy.

Read more: http://prn.fm/2012/07/17/green-power-wellness-paganism-wizardry-071712/#ixzz21ONPHpMY
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution



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The four technologies of magic – a Ted talk

A highly inspiring and educational talk on the four things people further from technology but closer to nature do to work what looks like magic to us…

Meanwhile I am working hard to prepare a whole new platform for actually using the wisdoms of process I have been working to understand for so long. It’s been a breakthrough I think. And quite beautiful. Watch this space… So, the talk already (it is worth watching right through to the inspiring call to action at the end):

I think she deserves to go into the ‘wizard heroes gallery’  – as do so many of the TED talk speakers.

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The Magic Mind Lounge is open

This is a new thing with Kane hogan and Peter Harris, a blog loosely based on the actual lounge of the Hall of the School here in Kaiwaka.  See www.magicmindlounge.com

here’s the image of the header. I hope to have some ‘live’ guests very soon too!

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At the Whiteboard in the Hall

It is good to have a physical ‘home base’ even if we are mostly all ‘virtual’ at present. Here I am on the first day of the website’s existence, so really the First Day:

Welcome to the School hall!

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